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Buses, Trolleys, Trams.

Most of them don't go on the schedule, and the average waiting time can be from 5-10 minutes to 40 minutes in the evenings. The hours of work are from 6:00 until 24:00. The bus stops are yellow plates marked with "A" signs, trolleys' - white plates with "T" and trams' with "Tp". The city transport stops working after 24:00 and starts working after 6:00. There are no night buses or trolleys or trams. If you're late, you can take a taxi. A ticket for one trip costs 14 roublesYou can buy the tickets from the driver, and also in many buses there are conductors selling the tickets.

There are a some "express buses" which is privatly owned. These buses are marked with letter "K" before the line number (for example exprss K-20 runs along regular 10 bus route). They are more expensive and less crowded than the standard buses. Usual passes and tickets can't be used on these; pay the driver a flat fare (15-17 roubles ) as you get off. These buses can stop almost anywhere along the route for passengers to get on or off.

Ground transport operates in St. Petersburg from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Bus - av`tobus. Trolleybus- tro`leibus. Tram - tram`vai .
St Petersburg city bus
St Petersburg city bus
Bus stops are indicated by square yellow signs marked with the letter "A".
St Petersburg city tram
St Petersburg city trolley-bus
Trolley-bus stops are indicated by blue boards with the red letter "m".or lightened boards with a blue letter "m" , they are usually mounted on poles..
St Petersburg city trolley
St Petersburg city tram
Trolley-bus stops are indicated by blue boards with the red letter "T".or lightened boards with a blue letter "T" , they are usually mounted on poles..

Pivate transportation - Marshrutka
Is a minibus. They usually have the same numbers as the buses or trolleys and go the same route.

This kind of public transport is very popular and have even replaced some bus routes.If you see an approaching shuttle just wave it down like a taxi. You must pay for a trip from 15 to17 roubles to the driver when you come in. When you are near your stop just say aloud to the driver whereto stop. He will understand if you just say "Stop!" or more polite "Ostano`vite po`zhaluista" (stop please).

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