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Our company offers transfers:

From/to Pulkovo I or Pulkovo II

car for 4 people + small luggage                                              30 евро

minibus for 6 people + luggage                                                50 евро

bus for 8 people + luggage                                                        53 евро

From/to Moskovskiy railway station

car for 4 people + small luggage                                              18 евро

minibus for 6 people + luggage                                                50 евро

bus for 8 people + luggage                                                        50 евро

If you'd like to order a transfer you should provide the following information.

1. Time of arrival/departure
2. Date of arrival/departure
3. Number of flight
4. What terminal or railway station
5. Amount of people
6. Amount of luggage
7. Contacts (cell phone)

Our driver will meet you with plate "ARENT" 

Have a nice trip!
+7 (812)  312-19-44