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Old Bolshaya Morskaya street
Bol'shaya Morskaya street of XXI century

At the present time the street and its vicinities offers the broadest choice of diversified impressions and entertainments, that capable to satisfy even the most exacting taste.

Modern fine arts presented here in all of its variety.  No doubt that you have to visit the State Center of the Photoart, at Bolshaya Morskaya, 35. As we all well-know, photos constantly accompanies us in a life-course, being not only the simplest way to stop an instant, but also one of the advanced form of modern art. Usually,  some photo-exhibitions, both well-known, and little-known, Russian, and foreign photographers are simultaneously open in the Center.

One more principal "fine-art" address in the neighbourhood of the Bolshaya Morskaya - The Central Exhibition Hall,  or simply the Manege (Isaakievskaya square, 1). Its antique columns are well-known to any Petersburger. The Manege occupies a building of the former Konnogvardeisky arena. Constructed in strict forms of Russian classicism in 1804-1807, it belongs to a number of last creations of the great architect Giacomo Quarenghi.

From the date of opening in 1977, "Manege" remains the exhibition hall in St. Petersburg. The range of exhibitions is extremely wide: from modern art exhibitions e.g. exhibitions devoted to a cultural and spiritual heritage of St. Petersburg; exhibitions from private collections of the famous Petersburg collectors to the largest international displays of the modern art.

The next useful address for those interested in modern art is of the XX Century Art Gallery (Ch. Griboedova emb., 52). The gallery represents both modern Russian painting and painting of the second half of last century the period of the Soviet art flowering. Authors of the Gallery are well-known artists of traditional realistic St. Petersburg school, graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, and also artists from other regions of Russia.

One more noteable gallery - Art Gallery "Matisse Club" is located near Nikolsky Cathedral ( Nikolsky Square, 6), where Bolshaya Morskaya begins "travel" in the city. Artists from the Gallery are glad to help you to spend your holiday in St. Petersburg and to learn more about its culture.

The gallery organises unique art-tours, for example "The modern fine-art of St. Petersburg" and "History of Iconography ". You would have a possibility to visit both modern studio of an iconography, and selected studios of artists.

XX Century Art Gallery Griboedova emb., 52
XX Century Art Gallery,
Griboedova emb., 52

If you a fan of the glass-blowing art,  you have to visit RosVuzDesign - the creative experimental studio of St. Petersburg glass-blowing artists at Solyanoi pereulok, 13. The Studio has own glass manufacture where under the restored ancient recipes of 18 - 19 centuries manual production of colour glasses are executed for tourists.

Marina Gisich,  owner of the  Petersburg Private gallery" has taken the first step to the beginning of new era in the history of actual Russian art.  The Art studio (Fontanka emb., 121), constructed by all canons of modern exhibition science, represents absolutely another concept of a life of objects of art in a life interior.

Private gallery is the real centre of the modern Petersburg art. Every month several exhibitions of Petersburg masters of painting, a drawing, a sculpture and design conducted there.

It is possible to pass smoothly from modern design to contemplation of shamanic tambourines in the State Museum of History of Religion (Pochtamtsky pereulok, 14/5 - opposite to the main Citys Post Office - Glavpochtamt).

Museum expositions can tell you about the Siberian shamans, ancient deities, pyramids and a doleful cult of Egypt, about gods, temples and mysteries of the Ancient Greece, about interference of cults of various gods in the Roman empire, about religion of Ancient Israel etc.

You can get acquainted with Christianity of the first AD centuries, learn on how Russia was Christened, about self-sacrifice of Russian orthodox saints, temples and monasteries, about honouring of the Virgin in Russia, national orthodox customs, events from history of Russian Orthodox church.

Also, it is possible to see there and the valuable exhibits telling stories about Christianity in the West i.e. Catholic church,  Baptism and Protestantism. In the museum halls devoted both to the Orthodoxy and the western Christianity, there are some works of well-known masters - icon-painters.

Carved Icon
Museum of History of Religion - Carved icon

Restaurants and cafes on the street:

Taverna "Olive"

Greek tavern Olive

If you got hungry after a meeting with fine-arts, we advise you to visit  the Olive Tavern. This Greek tavern located in the house #31 on Bolshaya Morskaya.

Not only the most known dishes of a Greek cuisine present in the menu, such as, for example, musakas (a baked pudding with forcemeat and vegetables), suvlaki (shish kebab) or khoriatiki salad (peasants salad), but also various salads,  moskhary fricasse, sikhotakya me piperies, kleftico, suvlakies (shashlyk), brosole and many other dishes prepared at a "pristrati" brazier, the only authentical Greek brazier existing in St. Petersburg.

And the well-known Greek desserts galaktobureko, baklavas etc. will be a good finishing chord of your night mood.

Buddha-Bar Club

Budda bar
If you were busy upto the deep night, we recommend to visit the Buddha-bar working till the morning. Though it is a night club, it is possible also to eat tasty here.

Except Friday and Saturday, the entrance to the Club is free.  Working hours from 6 o'clock in the evening, to 6 o'clock in the morning.

The club address Bolshaya Morskaya, 46.

Restaurant-club "Da Vinci"
restaurant-club Fans of an Italian cuisine will enjoy a restaurant-club "Da Vinci" onBolshaya Morskaya, 15. The restaurant interior was designed in the spirit of one of geniuses of Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci, but not as Italian artist of XVI century, and as an original designer and futuristic inventor. The menu includes a set of dishes from the five best kitchens of the world, both popular traditional cuisines, and modern tendencies of culinary art.

But the  "highlight" of the restaurant  is the most refined dishes of an Italian cuisine. How about Spaghetti of "Bolonezo" or Fuzilli with a pumpkin and ceps? Also in the restaurants menu Takliatelle, Skampii FALLING of Rome on rapieretes, ruccola and Parmesan salad, Vegetable soup "Minestrone" and other, obscure to uninitiated, culinary names ...

By the way, "da Vinci" is not only restaurant, but also the club offering erotical shows, dancing and thematic parties, various live musical programs in. And in the summer you, undoubtedly, will have a rest at the restaurant terrace, where in an environment of natural flowers and music you would spend the unforgettable White Night, warmed by a century breath of old Petersburg. Also, each Saturday night at the restaurant a party in style of the Retro, beginning at 21.00.

Fashionable Bolshaya Morskaya
Shop A'ddress And what about shops (to be exact boutiques) in the Street?
The first address is A.DRESS, modestly called as the Boutique of Russian Designers. It is located in the neighbourhood, at Gorokhovaya, 5. What about a bast shoes with malachite fasteners? Or nested dolls from a nut tree? Many interesting wonders in a la Russe style can be found by the inquisitive visitor to this address.

One more interesting address for unusual purchases conseptual-boutique OPIUM, Italianskaya street, 15. The boutique was opened for cosmopolitan, progressively conceiving public worldwide, for those, whom do not arrange standard frameworks of living and for those who searches for individuality through own understanding of a fashion. A collection of clothes, books, magazines, jewels and perfumery represented in OPIUM are not adapted by national mentality and mass demand. 

It is possible to combine pleasantly with usefulness and to visit a nearly clocated tattoo-studio LABORATORIUM (Decembrists str., 11). In addition to the most refined and exotic tattoos, the studio also offers piercing services. A highlight of the studio - piercing of genitals, where experts, working in the LABORATORIUM, can demostrate you a high-class professionalism.

Night clubs at Bolshaya Morskaya

From a place, where you can make an unique piercing of your genitals, close to zero distance to "Maksimus" new generation night erotic club (Moyka emb.,61). But, as well-known, new is the only well forgotten old. And in the Maksimus entrance you will be met by antique statues, the walls there painted with frescos and also beds with skins of a leopard are carelessly thrown.

This place is described in the Club guidebook in that way: ... Goddesses with a beautiful body and a marvellous plasticity live here. Every evening they dance a striptease for the visitors. Young loose women with inviting looks are sexual, attractive, fine. They are so desired, deceptive and close, but are so inaccessible. In passionate dances they transform - an innocent maiden becomes a dangerous temptress, a violent beauty, captured by sweet languor, turns to an angel of mildness....

Owners of the Club are not alien to philosophy: passed centuries, empires fall, and on their ruins new civilisations are created, but there is onle the One is invariable: Person still thirsts of bread and shows. In ' Maksimus ' never forget about it. While marvellous beauties entertain guests by dances, modern patricians can take a pleasure of a magnificent dinner, having given to cares of gentle creations in flying tunicas. Girls-waitresses foresee their desires, try to catch guests eyes and bring drinks ontime ... This place is opened every day from 19.00 till 06.00 a.m. You can visit it in any dress, but not in a sport ware... But if you more liking a good music and fair sights do visit to the Unplugged Bar.

Unplugged Bar is one of those rare city places where rock-music is not simply play and listen but live by it.  Portraits of the Beatles, Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin in the walls, guitars in corners, rare concerts and cult clips at two big screens. People, who comes here, well know what is the true values and are not going to waste their talents by trifles. The bar is focused to strong alcoholic beverages, but ladies are not forgotten also a wide coctail card - from "Sjuzi Kju" to "Bass Bochka", and the Ladder in the sky - will warm up you completely.

By Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays both alive blues and a rock'n'roll plays here and it is possible also to dance at this time. And on Sundays in Unplugged the Day of Russian Rock. A dancing floor is rather small here, but capacious, and public sincere folks. You can also to dinner there at 9 p.m. a Reasonable Price Supper.

Unplugged bar- Bolshaya Morskaya, 11
Unplugged Bar - Bolshaya Morskaya, 11
Unplugged Bar address Bolshaya Morskaya, 11. 

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