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These are must. Start here if you are new to Russian, going to travel to Russia or want to look polite and educated while talking to Russians.

Dobraye ootro Good morning
Dobriy den' Good afternoon
Dobriy vyecher Good evening
Zdrastvooyte Hello
Preevyet Hi!
Rat teebya veedet' Nice to see you!
Kak pazhivayesh? How are you?
Spaseeba preekrasna! Fine, thanks!
Neeploha! Not so bad
Kak vas zavoot? What's your name?
Meenya zavoot... My name is...
Spaseeba Thank you
Bal'shoye spaseeba Thank you very much.
Nyezashta That's all right
Pazhalooysta You're welcome
Eezveeneete Sorry!
Prasteete Excuse me
Neechevo, neechevo, pazhaloosta That's all right
Neechevo srashnava No harm
Saying good-bye
K sazhalyeneeyoo mnye (nam) para eettee I'm sorry I (we) should be going
Da sveedaneeya Good-bye!
Paka Bye-bye!
Ooveedeemsya See you
Schasleevava pootee Have a nice trip!

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