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Saint-Petersburg is one of the most attractive cities for tourists in Europe. Therefore every year a lot of families with children choose Spb for their unforgettable trips. But many of them wonder where they can go with children. Are there interesting and exceptional places for visiting that can cause the pleasure for both children and adults? The answers on these and other questions are in our article.

Place 1. The Bolshoi Saint-Petersburg Circus

Address: Fontanka emb. 3
Metro: Gostiniy dvor

Year in year out Circus on Fontanka draws the attention of visitors, tourists and townspeople of Saint-Petersburg. It is that place where fabulous shows are engraved on people’s hearts. And these people are not only the youngsters, but also adults. Indeed, many people of different ages are glad to see the wonderful and breathtaking  performance.

Place 2. Planetarium

Address: Alexandrovskiy park 4
Metro: Gorkovskaya

Nowadays modern people are deprived of the opportunity to observe the starry heaven. But Planetarium offers unique and captivating programs for the most experienced audience. There are Observatory (the only observatory with free access) with possibility to watch the Moon and planets through telescope. Another option is to see the starry sky on the dome projected by means of unique optical instrument. Technique makes it possible to present interesting and colorful programs for different audience.

Place 3. Museum of Butterflies

Address: Ropshinskaya str. 17
Metro: Chkalovskaya

Museum of live tropical butterflies gives the chance of a lifetime to be in rainforest among bird-of-paradise flowers.  You have a wonderful opportunity to scrutinize closely butterflies, which are flying everywhere and even alight on people. Also there is the souvenir shop where visitors can buy live butterflies.

Place 4. Dolphinarium and Oceanarium

Addresses: Konstantinovskiy prospect 19 and Marata str. 86
Metro: Krestovskiy ostrov and Mayakovskaya

These are favourite places for children and their parents.  There are shows of sharks and seals conducted in Oceanarium. Professional scuba drivers demonstrate how clever the maritime animals can be. Also you can watch the feeding of exotic animals, it is really thrilling sight. The Dolphinarium is also very attractive and handsome place for kids and adults. It is so breathtaking to watch "smiling" tiny dolphins and seals that nothing can drag you and your child away from the dolphins.

Place 5. Cruiser "Aurora"

Address: Petrovskaya emb. 2
Metro: Gorkovskaya

Cruiser "Aurora" stirs up real interest among boys because the cruiser took part in many battles in the beginning of 20th century. It is that ship that set the alarm using blank barrage on 25th of October in 1917, this event was a signal for Winter Palace attack.

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