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Russia is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners in Europe. Every year thousands of travellers choose Russia and Saint-Petersburg for planning their trips. But many of them face some difficulties with searching for accommodation whether it is hotel or apartment; booking taxi or finding a place for having a snack. So this article helps prospective travellers to avoid typical mistakes which people make visiting Russia.

Mistake #1 – choosing wrong location when booking accommodation

Usually travellers try to choose accommodation as close to Nevsky prospect as possible. In pursuit of finding the best lodging foreigners often forget that there are a lot of streets in the center of Saint-Petersburg apart from Nevsky prospect. There are lots of cheap and cozy hotels and apartments on these streets and lanes. Therefore you should broaden your search of accommodation beyond Nevsky prospect.

Mistake #2 – taking taxi instead of using metro

There are many sights located on the outskirts of Saint-Petersburg or in the Leningrad Region. Thereby the traveller faces the question: how to get to the place of interest as fast as possible? Many people book the taxi and ignore high prices. We advise to think about using municipal transport: metro, trolleybus, tram or bus.  Very often people who prefer subway rather than taxi spend less money and time.

Mistake #3 – choosing check-in and check-out time

In addition, the majority of travellers sometimes encounter a challenge when there is no place where they can leave their luggage. As a rule there are standard conditions concerning the time of arrival and departure, usually the standard check-in is at 14:00 p.m., and check out is before 12:00 a.m. Otherwise you have to pay for a half of a day.  But if you like to save on living you don’t need to pay for a half of a day, just don't feel shy and leave your luggage at the cloakroom or ask the hotel staff to keep your luggage for several hours.

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