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The notion "art-hotel" came into general use in Saint-Petersburg 10 years ago. At that time mini-hotels (small hotels), which are built in art style, started to appear. According to experts of hotel business there is a tendency of concept-based hotels in Saint-Petersburg, because the Nothern Capital is the capital of Russian culture. So what is the art hotel and what is the difference from usual hotel?

How does the art mini-hotel look like?

It is very easy to understand that prefix "art" means some cultural aspect of mini-hotel and about its belonging to art. Only owner who is attracted to art can breathe particular atmosphere into hotel. Firstly unusual design is hitting the eyes in such mini-hotel. There can be pictures on the wall, also art objects and artifacts which create particular atmosphere. Also there can be art gallery in the hall. Moreover permanent or temporary art exhibitions are conducted in the public area. External view of building appeals to the virtuosity of client. Artists and sculptors of Saint-Petersburg often participate in building art-hotels.

It is not only mini-hotel but also a club

Besides aesthetic part of "art mini-hotel", it has functional peculiarity to unite people in clubs. Thus there is special club of clients who prefer such hotels where they can meet famous artists, actors, Saint-Petersburg aristocracy and other persons. Some hotels carry out closed cinema and fashion shows, performances, drama shows and parties in honor of well-known people. Such hotels actively take part in cultural life of the city, therefore they offer discounts for theatre and concert tickets. Art mini-hotels have close partnership with different cultural organizations, theaters, museums etc.

Price range

So as to the prices on accommodation service here you can't find mini-hotel of economy class. It is because the majority of hotels are located in historic center of Saint-Petersburg.

Some hotels are situated in preserved historic buildings. The prices in such hotels are the same as the prices of 4 star hotels. But before you decide to choose this or that accomodation you should advise with your friend or find some information about this hotel on the Internet. Otherwise, you may make a mistake and, for example, rent a room in a budget hotel, which is referred to as art-hotel only because of its location in the historical center of the city.

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