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specialRussian banya (sauna)

Russian culture differs from European. We are aware that European culture bestows worthy tribute to Russianliterature, music and ballet. We'd like to reveal for you one more element of Russian culture for you — Russian banya (Russian bath). This word does not exist even in European languages. In Europe (and in the whole world) they use the term sauna, though sauna and Russian banya are different.

Warm up first and then check out the steam room (parilka), which is usually heated to some 100° to 120°C; this is where you can be beaten about the body with dried branches (vennik), usually birch, oak or juniper. Afterthat, you can take a small break to cool down and then get back in. Half the people in the parilka will claimthere's not enough heat and start calling for someone to throw more water on the hot rocks, while the other halffeebly croak, "too much, too much". The guys who want more steam usually win. This combination of heat, steam,and physical abuse purges your body of impurities and gives you an unforgettable experience unattainable by mereshowers or baths.

MuseumMuseum of Russian vodka
There are a great many museums in St.Petersburg now. Among them there are ones devoted to dolls, railway transportation, banking, political police, even gramophones and phonographs and now the Museum of Russian Vodka. This is the first and only vodka museum in Russia and the whole world, which opened on the Day of the City, May 27, 2001, in the heart of St.Petersburg, on Konnogvardeisky Boulevard.

Let us enter the Museum of Russian Vodka and feel the atmosphere of the long-gone centuries. Listen to the interesting story of what the real vodka id, of when its manufacture began and the role it has played in the history of Russian civilization.

Why has Russian vodka survived through the centuries? You will find the answer by trying the best vodkas produced by the most celebrated distilleries of Russia and high quality food, according to the local rules and traditions of drinking vodka.The exclusive vodka souveniers supplied only for the museum will attract the attention of those who are curious about contemporary vodka miracles and prefer their vodka tax free. 
visitA visit to a real Russian village

There are authentic, real people, who live in villages in Russia. Their way of live is becoming extinct but their spirituality, their traditions, their houses and all the things they use in everyday life are atreasure for a real ethnographer!And of real travellers who travel to see didfferent kinds of people.

WinterWinter adventures

We can offer you various exotic thematic visits (depending on your particular interest). For instance we can take you to a nearest skiing resorts of Toksovo and Kavgolovo

specialPutin's Leningrad

If you are really interested we cantake you to some of Putin's places in the city though we don't promise anything exciting about it.


We usually go to one place in the wilderness by train or car to emerge on the other side ofwilderness a few days later. Some rivers and forests are stunning in their untouched beauty!

Finishg,Finishg, angling, winter fishing, mushroom-picking, berry-picking, hiking in the midst of wilderness

We usually go to one place in the wilderness by train or car to emerge on the other side ofwilderness a few days later. Some rivers and forests are stunning in their untouched beauty!

Please, contact ARENT for details of these thematic tours.
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