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 An ancient Pskov lies in the Pskov Region in the northwest of Russia,on a hill between the Velikaya and Pskova riversrises.

All streets of Pskov leadto the Trinity Cathedral - key-point of the Pskov Kremlin.White-wolled churches and chapels of 14-17 centuries neighboured with modern buildings in a lovely harmony.

There are about 100 ancient monuments in Pskov alone.
The architectural attractions include Izborsk Fortress (reconstructed in stone in the 14th century), Ivanovsky, Mirozhsky and Snetogorskymonasteries (the two latter contains the world-famed frescoes), the 15th century Cathedral of Assumption of the Virgin and Pskov-Pechora Laura.

The History and Art Museum houses a number of unique collections, including magnificent icons of 14-17 centuries, rare manuscripts and old books, an exquisite objects of decorative and applied art. You can't go wrong visiting this city!
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