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Novgorod is situated about 200 kms (about 130 miles) south of St.Petersburg. Novgorod is one of the most ancient towns of Russia. Its history goes back more than 1140 years and it is everywhere — the old Kremlin, the Sophia Cathedral, Yaroslav's Court Yard.

In the central square of the Kremlin you will find the "Millenium of Russia" Monument, designed by Mikhail Mikeshin and erected in 1862. It is a unique document in bronze immortalizing, alongside with outstanding politicians of Russia, all those who greatly contributed to the development of the country in culture, science, art and literature.

The art historians justly compare Novgorod to Florence in the wealth of the preserved mural paintings on the walls of the temples. The Church of the Transfiguration of our Savior in Ilyina Street (14th century) is the only place where the frescoes of Theophanes the Greek have survived.

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