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 Hermitage Collection highlights

  • The treasure gallery
  • Western European art
  • The Palace of Peter I
  • The Menshikov palace
  • General Staff Building
  • The museum of porcelain
  • Prehistoric art
  • Antiquity
  •  The Arsenal
  • Oriental art
  • Russian culture
  • Numismatics
  • The Hermitage’s permanent exhibitions in the Konstantinovsky palace

NOT among attractions itself, with fine interior decorationand detail. As enormous, diverse, itsinterior attractive own right, many visitors find very best way tour isto make several briefer visits frenetic exhausting marathon tour. While muchto gained simply allowing curiosity one?s eye least occasional precedence over alist dictated guidebook or even guide.< at there museum strong collections works take collection its Hermitage  architectural that so be to rather than < is one a in by the and of  The origins of the Hermitage can be traced back to the private art collection of Peter the Great,who purchased numerous works during his travels abroad and later hung them in his residence. Catherinethe Great expanded the collection considerably, and she and her successors built the Hermitage collectionin large part with purchases of the private collections of the Western European aristocracy and monarchy.By the time Nicholas II ascended the throne in 1894, he was heir to the greatest collection of art in Europe. 

After the Revolution of 1917, the museum was opened to the public, and its collection was furtheraugmented by the addition of modern works taken from private collections. Today, the Hermitage hasembarked on a major renovation effort. Its collection is in the process  of being reorganized, andmany of its works have for the first time become available for travelling exhibits outside of the country. 

Put together throughout two centuries and a half, the Hermitage collections of works of art(over 3,000,000 items) present the development of the world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century. Today the Museum is creating its digital self-portrait to be displayedaround the world. Computer technologies enable the State Hermitage Museum to provide people fromall over the world with wider access to information about the Museum and its treasures. 
Address: 34 Dvortsovaya Emb.
Open: 10.30 - 17.00, SUN till 16.00
 Closed: on MON

+7 (812)  312-19-44